Custom Engineering Design was established in 1994 specializing in development of PC based oscilloscopes and custom data acquisition solutions.

Our PC based Oscilloscopes are powerful, have flexible trigger options, deep acquisition memory and are easy to use.

Today, we have a large customer base around the world in a variety of industries, large and small companies as well as universities and governmental institutions using our PC based oscilloscope modules in a variety of applications.


The Scope4pc software automatically detects if the hardware is connected, and will operate in demo mode if no hardware is connected. Even in demo mode, all features are available and fully operational. User can view waveforms, save and restore from disk, measure voltage and time using calipers or generate automatic measurements.


USB Oscilloscopes

         SE440 - 4 channel PC based Oscilloscope

         SE840 - 8 channel PC based Oscilloscope

         SE1640 - 16 channel PC based Oscilloscope

         SE3240 - 32 channel PC based Oscilloscope

All Scope4pc models utilize Chips developed by FTDI Inc. The drivers are developed by FTDI and available on their web site at www.FTDIChip.com


Step 1: Download and install the latest (2.08.24) FTDI Driver

Revision   7.0.9 (Release 20)

Nov. 20, 2012


Step 2: Download the Scope4pc software

For Windows: W7,Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and run the Scope4pc installation file.
  • Follow the setup instructions.
  • ---------
  • After downloading and installing the software, plug the Scope4pc into your PC USB port  or USB-Hub
  • Windows will alert you "New hardware found". Let windows find driver automatically (it is located in the Scope4pc directory).
  • ----------
  • You can run the Scope4pc software by selecting Start/Programs/Scope4pc or creating a desktop shortcut.
  • An uninstall option is also included in case you do not want the Scope4pc software.





Printer port Oscilloscopes

Scope4pc Model SE420 (serial # A224-xxx-xxx) uses software version 6.0.5 

Scope4pc Module SE420 (serial # A124-xxx-xxx)  uses version 5.3.2 below.

Scope4pc Module SC420 uses version 4.7 or 4.8 below (4.8 requires license)


Revision   6.0.5

Mar 07, 2005

For  SE420 Serial # A224-xxx-xxx

For Windows: XP,2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95

Installation Instructions:


Revision   5.3.2

Dec. 29, 2003

For  SE420 Serial # A124-xxx-xxx


For Windows: XP,2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95

Download Scope4pc 5_3_2.zip to your PC (contains two installation disks Setup.exe and Setup.w02).

Revision   4.8.01

Jan. 15, 2005

For  SC420


For Windows: XP,2000, NT, Me, 98 and 95

Download and run Scope4pc rev 4.8.01.Exe to your PC 

License is $69. You can try software first without the license. (Buy License now)